Kind Words

Here are some kind words from current and previous clients and students:

Krista is such an amazing ally in the healing process. She brings great love and compassion to her work as well as a strength and power that she clearly channels from the divine. Always prepared with an encouraging word sometimes with an inspring edge of fierceness, I feel lucky to be one of her clients. When we started working together, I mostly just was tired of being an adult with acne. I’d tried western medical interventions, over the counter products from the drug store, acupuncture, energy work and nothing worked. Krista told me we’d be working from the inside out with the herbs and that made so much sense, I wondered why no other healer had ever said it. I noticed immediate improvement within a few weeks and am happy to report that when I do have a breakout now, it’s small, passes quickly, usually shows me how my body is detoxing or rebalancing itself and rarely bothers me the way it used to. A few months into a our work together, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. This made sense as I’d been feeling lower energy and heavier moods for a while, but I didn’t like the idea of what my western medical doctor suggested (a lifetime of synthetic thyroid medicine) so I consulted my witch doctor. She coached me out of the despair, gave me some great tips on advocating for health at my industrial health care clinic and sent me off with some herbs. I wasn’t sure at all about healing myself thru herbs and dietary changes, but I was willing to give it a try to avoid having to take a pill everyday. I told myself I’d give it 3 months. Within 3 weeks, I felt my energy levels rise and my mood improved dramatically. Within 2 months, I’d lost 10 lbs without even trying and my thyroid test results went back within the normal range. The nurse I spoke with about it was shocked when I told her that I hadn’t taken the prescription, but had followed what my herbalist advised. Krista Herbe knows how to use plant medicine to heal, but more than that she really cares and brings an intuitive knowing that has literally transformed my life. Thank you, Krista! Anyone would be lucky to have her as an herbalist. – S.L. – SF, CA 2013

Very happy with Krista. Great Instructor with lots of energy and enthusiasm, open to all questions and always has a thoughtful response. -C.C. – San Francisco, CA 2013

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