Heal Together

Seven years ago, I moved to California to focus on my own healing and to spend time becoming more of what I want to see in the world. Working in a supportive community of healers, I have learned many tools to heal myself and support the healing work of others. I have learned that we heal together, in community, through giving and receiving, that we must heal ourselves, and that the healing journey can take a lifetime.

As a Certified Clinical Western Herbalist, I take each person on an individual basis, and together we create a customized healing plan. Through in-depth analysis of your body’s constitution, pulse reading, and review of personal history we create a plan that may include nutritional support, herbal formulas, and lifestyle changes. The current Medical Institutions have taken healing out of our hands and out of nature. All our ancestors lived in harmony with the world around them. They knew their local plants, birds, rivers, and mountains. They knew the ways of healing. This ancestral knowledge is still inside of us and I believe we can awaken this knowledge inside of us by working with herbs and getting back into nature.

Gory viewed at Glacier Point, Yosemite October 5, 2010.

Gory viewed at Glacier Point, Yosemite October 5, 2010.

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