As a Certified Clinical Western Herbalist, I take each person on an individual basis, and Hawthornetogether we create a customized healing plan. Through in-depth analysis of your body’s constitution, pulse reading, and review of personal history we create a plan that may include nutritional support, herbal formulas, and lifestyle changes. All our ancestors lived in harmony with the world around them. They knew their local plants, birds, rivers, and mountains. They knew the ways of healing. This ancestral knowledge is still alive. We can awaken this knowledge inside of us by working with herbs and getting back into nature.

I grew up in the Ohio River Valley with a love of plants, animals, astronomy, music, and dance, with an insatiable curiosity of the wonders of this world. As an empathic and intuitive child who made friends with trees, flowers, stars and animals, I was a sensitive soul and felt OHio River Moondeeply for the suffering of others, near and far. These feelings, coupled with a deep-seated belief in love and hope, created a desire in me to change the suffering and pain in myself and this world. My first ‘career’ work was in community service. I worked with nonprofits doing  outreach, fundraising and organizing with a focus on campaigns to support workers rights, create affordable housing, promote environmental justice, clean water, end sexual violence, and gain legal protection for LGBTQI folk. Working to change the world with all my heart, took a toll, and eventually I found myself in a state of dis-ease, and had to step back.

Positively, I took this dis-ease as my body calling me to stop and take notice, to look around, to listen, and evaluate my life. I started thinking deeply about what I put inside my body, at my actions, and even my thoughts, patterns revealed themselves. I learned that if we looking at dis-ease through a lens of healing, we can look at our habits and re-evaluate their purpose in our lives. It takes time for our bodies to get out-of-ease and it will take time to get back into ease. Herbs are great allies in our healing work. Each one of us is complex with complex systems inside of us, so are the plants.Poke


I immerse myself in the flora and fauna of California, hiking the hills, swimming the rivers, smelling the wildflowers and listening for the caws of the wild. When I’m not seeing clients in my herbal practice, wildcrafting herbs, or making medicine for my apothecary you can find me cooking delicious food for my home, gardening, collaging, or cuddling with my feline familiars.

To request a consult, register for an event, or schedule a class, email me at herbes.of.a.feather@gmail.com. Appointments can be made in Berkeley at the Ohlone Herbal Center,  at my home Apothecary in San Francisco, and home visits are available.

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